the curious case of the board-curious

get used to it

admit it.  you’ve been thinking about taking the leap to a snowboard.  whether you are a long time winter sports enthusiast or you played shaun white on wii once, you’ve thought about it.  don’t worry, there are plenty of board-curious out there.  in my experience there are two types those who will and those who won’t….board….
battered tales of bruised tail bones and extreme stories of sore extremities are enough to keep a bunch of the board-curious back in the lodge, bellies safely protected by the bar.  (to those i say, thank you kindly for acknowledging your limits early and i’ll be sure to have the rest of the class wave to you as we pass.)
then there is the other type of board-curious.  those who have heard all the horror stories and have chosen to laugh at them or better yet to see them as setting the bar for an even better beginner’s humiliation story to scare their friends with.
yes these ones laugh, even if it’s to hide the frightened tears.  these are the ones that will do well.  the ones who genuinely want to learn to cut lines in powder like shaun white, shannon dunn or courtney love.
to these ones i have only one piece of advice: in snowboarding, first you fall, then you fall in love.
so if all the stories you’ve heard about snowboarding have been more exciting than nerve-racking than i say go for it.  when you show up to the mountain, wear your board-curiosity proudly.  be prepared to fall, a lot, but most importantly come with a great attitude that shows that a few bruises aren’t going to scare you from grabbing a board, strapping yourself to it, and pushing yourself down a mountain.
(note: to my skiing brethren, i have mad respect for your skills and your snow-sport preference, heck i even tried it out in high school but it just wasn’t me)

congrats to the first weeks contest winners

Posted On December 26, 2009

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here we have the first week’s contest winners.

first up is a great group shot by christine le.  congrats to christine who won a free tshirt for this shot.  i dare you to look at the guy in the front and not crack up…

third place winner - christine le

second place goes to steven parlow.  he’s got a great shot that will be in my wallpaper rotation for years to come.  congrats to steven for winning half off his next trip and a tshirt!!!

second place winner steven parlow

finally we have this week’s winner, rui yang. rui’s shot is def a piece of art, the scene reminds me of many days i’ve spent on the hill.  congrats rui on winning a free trip on the bay area ski bus!!

this week's contest winner rui yang!!

don’t forget to submit your entries for this week’s competition:

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