sugarbowl: free lessons and rentals for the rest of the season

you read correctly, ladies and gents, sugarbowl is giving out free lessons and rentals at their resort for the rest of the year.  that means if you take the ski bus to sugarbowl for the rest of the season you will pay only $105 for bus ride, lift ticket, rentals and lessons.  that is ridiculous.

notes from their site:

Lesson details for General Admission are:

  • We call our group lessons “Progression Sessions” because they are designed to help you grow from a beginner to an all-mountain enthusiast.
  • GA lessons are only available at our Mt. Judah Portal.
  • GA lessons start promptly at 10AM and 1PM. Please plan ahead.
  • GA lessons are 2 hours in duration.
  • Ski GA lessons are available for ages 4 and up.
  • Snowboard GA lessons are available for ages 7 and up.
  • Signature Children’s Lessons are available at regular rates.
  • Private Lessons are available at regular rates.

Rental details for General Admission are:

  • Standard ski or snowboard equipment is available at our Mt. Judah or Village rental locations.
  • $20 upgrade to high performance skis is available.
  • Customers must complete a rental form each day they take out our rental equipment.
  • Children age 17 and under must have a rental form that is signed by their parent or guardian.
  • Pass holders may bypass our customer sign-in stations and proceed directly to a cashier station to complete their registration. Please present your pass for the fastest service.

coming atchya from the new basb cabin in truckee!!

greetings from the basb cabin!

that’s right, i’m writing this from the kitchen table of the ’09-’10 basb ski cabin, fueled by a corona and the fresh smell of homemade caramel corn.  for those of you who don’t know already, this season we will be offering a cabin near truckee for extended stay trips.

this morning we met early at boss brian’s house…or rather, everyone met early and host john and i were a little late due to traffic.  after the tardiness razzing subsided, we setoff for truckee.  boss lady kc was the only one in the van that had a class b lisence so office manager emily, supply guy brad, host john and i got to sit back and relax just like the guests will.  while the entire trip i was filming video, john found time away from the snowboard movie playing in the van to snap some pictures with his iphone.

host john's view from the van!

once we got into truckee, we split up to find some eats and i stumbled upon the best bagel place, truckee bagel and juice, right next to truckee’s safeway.  the staff were super friendly and even helped me pick out the best bagel sandwich i’ve had in a while (for those wondering it was smoked turkey on sundried tomato schmear on a spinach and asiago bagel)

once we reached the cabin we began it’s transformation, which i’m happy to say was incredibly successful. just check out the pics!  next up?  tomorrow we’re heading for a shreddin’ and i’m sure there will be stories to report back!

the view from bedroom two (not the master suite)

welcome to the basb cabin!

barb sitting at the dining room table

the path to the hot tub...we know what's important

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